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The Lord and the Dancer is a Performing Arts Evangelistic Ministry. Our goal is to reach the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Dr. Mark has recently published some of his new books so please check out our bookstore and we also have some natural health products that are available to those who are seeking alternative ways to heal their bodies. 

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Dr. Mark and Sharon Sohmer

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Bahama Mama

Dr. Sharon Sohmer

Dr. Sharon Sohmer was born in the Bahamas on the Island of Eleuthera which means Freedom in Greek. Her ancestors come from Arawak Indians that were on the Islands when Christopher Columbus landed in the Islands before discovering America. Her Great Grandfather on her mother's side was from Burgos Spain. Her ancestor's from her Father's side came from Guyana South America and Africa. This is very apparent in her dancing for the Lord. She has won the hearts of hundreds of people from the U.S. to Mexico and the Caribbean to Taiwan. She has danced before many people in authority such as the Ambassador of Taiwan and Prime Ministers from other countries. Her performances in praise worship and pantomime has ushered in the Holy Spirit for countless churches and ministries for over 25 years. In her early days as an Evangelist Sharon and her best friend were personally commissioned by Arthur Blessitt to lead the evangelistic team in Anaheim CA.


Sharon has not only taught dance to youth groups but has ministered in women's meetings, those who have been incarcerated, nursing homes and hospitals as well as TV stations in Texas and TBN here in CA. Sharon's unique talent has allowed her to perform for the opening of meetings and services for hundreds of churches, ministries and outreaches such as for the Power Team. Both Mark and Sharon operate in the prophetic as well as the gifts of healing and deliverance. Our earthly coverings are Pastor John Wimber from the Vineyard in Anaheim, and Prophetess Norine McCloud of Wings of Love Ministry in Dallas, Texas. Our Heavenly covering is the Father Son and Holy Spirit.

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Dr. Mark Show

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Dr. Mark Sohmer came from a background of many unique talents and accomplishments. I believe that this may have something to do with the diverse bloodlines in his family tree. His grandparents from his mother's side came out of the mountainous country of the Mount Ararat where Noah's ark rests today. During the Armenian genocide of 1915 they barely escaped from the Turkish army with their lives. Having to sometimes secretly take cover in people's homes during their exodus they ended up coming to New York to start a new life. On his father's side the diversity comes from his French Canadian Indian background. His father was very likeable, interesting and intelligent person with a great capacity of common sense and discernment. He had many friends and was loved by many more - God rest his soul.

List of accomplishments: I have been a mechanic for over 50 years, I have worked construction for over 35 years, 25 of those as a professional welder working in government and private shipyards, oil refineries, powerplants, papermills, chemical plants and even inside the Federal Treasury building in Texas. I have operated various types of construction equipment and have or currently hold professional licenses as; A Realtor, Minister, Commercial driver, Life Insurance Agent, Inventor, Author, Publisher, and Private investigator. Now I teach on Quantum Physics an adding Executive Producer to the list in Motion Pictures with "The Adventures of the Bahama Mama."  I am also laying the ground work for the James David McGhee Foundation, to help our military personnel when they come back home. ​

About Our Ministry

Ministry Purpose:

To empower the believers of Jesus Christ with not only the tools but also knowledge (Hosea 4:6) so we can walk in a higher level of faith that brings forth the ability to access the; signs, wonders and miracles in our lives. Mark 16:17-18, Acts 2:43, 4:28-35, 6:8-11

Ministry Vision: Bringing in the harvest of souls, resources and finances (Psalms 2:8) to fulfill the will of the Father which is his desire..."that none should perish but have eternal life" 2Peter 3:9 Working with the Body of Christ and youth in performing, skits plays drama and re-enactments in the church and marketplace for evangelism. Working with the youth to unveil their purpose and position in the body of Christ while cultivating their gifts and talents to keep them away from a negative environment. Directing them into a positive and healthy lifestyle.

To visit and pray for all those that may be sick and afflicted so that they would receive their healing and restoration from their infirmities, Joshua chapter 1, Isaiah chapter 11. The planning of missionary trips to places like the Mardi Gras, festivals and also other countries. Mark 16:15. To make a positive effect in the visual media realm, such as TV video and etc.

Ministry Goals: To bring this, cutting edge knowledge and revelation ro churches on not only a nationwide but also a worldwide scale so that we may in fact become the head and not the tail Deut. 28:1-15 To excel in our Christ given position of authority Luke 10:17-20.


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7F. 24, Seclon 2,

HO-Ping E Rd Taipei.

Taiwan, R.O.C.

Drs. Mark and Sharon Sohmer of The Lord and The Dancer Ministries visited Taiwan Youth for Christ while on their trip to Taiwan during the month of March 1997. They are a lovely couple, full of the Holy Spirit and gifted with various spiritual gifts and talents. They encouraged and prayed for us to discern our spiritual gifts and talents so we can serve the Lord more effectively. Through their prayers we found that they have the gift of the word of knowledge-and the gift of prophecy. We have witnessed and examined the revelations and believe they are accurate and sound. Our staff was truly blessed and encouraged by their teachings and prayers. Sharon also has a special talent in dancing. She taught us various movements and helped us choreograph a short dance combination, which some of the staff helped perform in the March for Jesus held Taipei, Taiwan on March 30, 1997. Therefore we are pleased to recommend Mark and Sharon to you and hope that you, too, will be blessed as we were.

In Christ,

Paul Liao

National Director of Taiwan Youth for Christ.

Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya
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