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3D Scanner

Welcome to the 22ND Century of Health Evaluations! 

Are you tired of wasting valuable time waiting to be seen by a doctor and/or paying too much for expensive office visits? Our State of the Art health scanner is decades ahead of its time. People want to know if they have any negative health conditions before symptoms become noticeable. Why go through the pain of blood tests and waiting a week or two for the results? This non-evasive scanner will detect negative health with pinpoint accuracy in minutes - virtually pain free. 
This electronic device utilizes the same technology that is commonly used in the medical field in body scanners like the: CAT Scan – MRI – and 3D Imaging measuring up to 128 physiological parameters of human body functions such as an Electro-Cardiogram, Bio Impedance Analysis, Heart Rate Variability, Digital Pulse Wave Analysis, Galvanic Skin Response and Sudomotor Functions. The difference here is that the software programming produces extremely accurate results that will even detect rare health conditions and more. 
This device has been Approved by the FDA. Now it is made here in the United States and has been used for many decades around the world. 
Doctors - you cannot be without this state of the art evaluation tool!

For more information call Dr. Mark Sohmer D.D., Th.D. at (951) 795-3907.

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