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Sharon uses mime, dance and drama to portray the gospel with her husband Mark. Prophetic mime dancing and interpretive dance are part of her repertoire. She has danced with the Power team in Hollywood events, such as a Christmas party for Diane Canon at CBS studios. She has ministered in churches on the streets and in prisons. Both she and Mark evangelize, teach, counsel, pray, and perform unique skits, mime, dramas/plays for spreading the love of Christ wherever they go. Sharon also does a five part series on fasting, spiritual warfare and is equipped for deliverance ministry.


Dr. Sharon Sohmer was born in the Bahamas on the Island of Eleuthera which means Freedom in Greek. Her ancestors come from Arawak Indians that were on the Islands when Christopher Columbus landed in the Islands before discovering America. Her Great Grandfather on her mother's side was from Burgos Spain. Her ancestor's from her Father's side came from Guyana South America and Africa. This is very apparent in her dancing for the Lord. She has won the hearts of hundreds of people from the U.S. to Mexico and the Caribbean to Taiwan. She has danced before many people in authority such as the Ambassador of Taiwan and Prime Ministers from other countries. Her performances in praise worship and pantomime has ushered in the Holy Spirit for countless churches and ministries for over 25 years. In her early days as an Evangelist Sharon and her best friend were personally commissioned by Arthur Blessitt to lead the evangelistic team in Anaheim CA.


Sharon has not only taught dance to youth groups but has ministered in women's meetings, those who have been incarcerated, nursing homes and hospitals as well as TV stations in Texas and TBN here in CA. Sharon's unique talent has allowed her to perform for the opening of meetings and services for hundreds of churches, ministries and outreaches such as for the Power Team. Both Mark and Sharon operate in the prophetic as well as the gifts of healing and deliverance. Our earthly coverings are Pastor John Wimber from the Vineyard in Anaheim, and Prophetess Norine McCloud of Wings of Love Ministry in Dallas, Texas. Our Heavenly covering is the Father Son and Holy Spirit.

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Sharon performs the Champion by Carmen at the American Legion in Rancho Cucamonga. This story is about the epic battle between Jesus and Satan in a fight to win it all.



Sharon dances to Offer Up A Sacrifice of Praise by Joanne Rosario in Living Springs church located in San Bernardino, CA. 


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We Have Won is about Peter in prison.  He narrates his struggle and perseverance in persecution. Sharon interprets this powerful song and Mark plays the part of Jesus. 




Song by Kurt Carr Group  "It's my turn, it's my season walking into it with the rythmn of Jesus."


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