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Dr. Sharon's Testimony
I call this amazing supplement 'Mighty Fire'! 20 Years ago I had a lump the size of a quarter in my breast. A friend told me about a brown seaweed supplement called Modifilan. Instead of me going to have the tumor cut out, I took a bunch of the Modifilan . I noticed that I had a lot more energy and it also lowered my sugar and cholesterol. When I went back to the doctor's the lump was GONE!
Now I tell everyone about 'Mighty Fire' and have heard a lot of testimonies about how miraculous it truly is.
In 2012, San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant had a radiation spill. The government gave local residents brown seaweed capsules because they knew that it helps the body fight radiation. These days
when you look up and see the chemtrails crisscrossing the sky think of Modifilan. It can help your body fight against that pollution, too.
I continue to take it all the time! 

For more information and to order, call or text Dr. Sharon Sholmer
(951) 312-5673





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