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Kingdom Prosperity

Blessings from Evangelists Dr. Mark Sohmer & Dr. Sharon Sohmer - 

Author and Publisher of "My People Perish from Lack of Knowledge" Hosea 4:6. 

I want to share some possibly vital information with your Church/Ministry which may be operating under a traditional 501(c)(3) and why it is more beneficial to have a 508(c)(1)(a).  


There are many benefits, but two of the more important examples are: 

1. You are not persecuted for what you want to say to your congregation such as preaching on “Sensitive Topics”.  

2. Your Non-Profit Organization is protected from the IRS putting your financial dealings under observation.  


Why should you inquire about this status with us? 


1. All work and documents will be prepared by a licensed Attorney at Law with over 43 years experience.  

2. There is only a one-time fee - and there are NO YEARLY DUES.  

3.  Your Church can Keep your First Amendment Rights and enjoy Freedom like never before! 

4.  You are Not Required to file form 1023 with IRS under the 508 (c)(1)(a) status.  

5.  Also this is very cost effective. Total Price is $750 where the average document preparers charge at least $1,500 to $2,000 for the same (or even less) service.  


You might ask yourself: Why don’t we charge more like everyone else? This is because we want the Kingdom of God to move Forward Financially and Spiritually not backward – Amen? 


Contact us personally at:  

Dr. Sharon Sohmer (951) 312-5673 



We are non-denominational workers for The Lord Jesus Christ here on earth. 

We believe that the church should be free from the bureaucracy of un-religious politics. 

We do not endorse or oppose any governmental restrictions.  

We believe that we should live at peace with God and with man while abiding by law(s) that allows God’s Laborer’s to operate in as much prosperity and protection that the law allows.  

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